Stylish modern architectural design featuring light colors, wood finishes, and lush green gardens. This visually appealing scene evokes a sense of contemporary elegance and natural harmony.
3D-rendered modern office building design with distinctive red architectural elements, showcasing King Price logo. Illustration includes parked cars for added realism.
render of a modern office design, Yellow signature facade and large windows combined with some stylish wood collumns supporting the roof
3D Design of a large modern double story house, predominantly white with brown signature elements and stylish rock walls
Comfy designed bedroom for a boy, with dark wood flooring and modern finishes. Features include an entertainment area, desk, play mat, and custom wooden shelves stacked with toys and figurines.
Interior 3D rendering of a designer baby room, showcasing a feature pink wall and custom shelves. A soft lamp in the background adds warmth to the scene, with toys scattered on the floor.
Interior rendering of a spacious modern bedroom featuring wooden floors and stylish wood paneling on the walls. A state-of-the-art marble accent behind the king-size bed's headboard adds a touch of luxury, complemented by a beautiful carpet.
An interior 3D render of a modern living area boasting high ceilings adorned with heavy sleeper wood rafters. The space features wooden flooring, a cozy fireplace adorned with art pieces, and designer light bulbs hanging low over the smooth light marble counter
Exterior render of a modern 3D modeled house, showcasing distinctive dark wood-covered garages that lead to uniquely designed entrances, supporting the concrete roof overhang. A fusion of luxury and innovative design
Exterior render of a contemporary 3D modeled house, highlighting a serene natural garden in the backyard with a cozy barbecue area, all nestled amidst towering trees
Render of a 3D scene depicting a two-story house with expansive windows and a barbecue area, accented with dark wood finishes to complement the overall design
Render of a luxurious designer house boasting modern finishes, spacious interiors, and large windows overlooking a private pool. The design features rock-clad walls and incorporated I-beams for structural support, adding to its contemporary aesthetic.
Render of a modern house presented in a distinctive clay render style, accentuating architectural details and design features for a comprehensive overview of the property's aesthetic appeal.
3D-rendered modern office building design featuring distinctive red architectural elements and prominently showcasing the King Price logo. The design includes a strategically placed screen to mitigate sunlight, while the ground floor offers an open area with stylish wood-finished floors.
Minimalist 3D render showcasing a building in a simplistic style. The structure is predominantly white, with black windows and a grey roof. The entrance is accented in yellow, adding a touch of vibrancy to the design.